About Us

About Us


In this industry, there are four groups of professionals one can hire to help resolve their claim. Because of the segmentation of these four groups, policyholders are not able to get a clear picture of the options available in resolving a claim. Claimside was built to unify the claims resolution industry, making simple and easy the policyholders’ search for help.


Claimside is a profile-based directory of claim professionals who are available to assist the policyholder with their claim. By bringing together all claim professionals on one platform, the policyholder is able to easily browse and connect with someone in their area and of their own choosing. All of our member profiles show their contact information, reviews, and experience, which enhances the user’s experience by making it quick and easy to shop for the right person for their claim.


The future of finding claim professionals on your side is here and Claimside is pioneering the movement. We welcome policyholders to browse and connect with our members who truly are on your side.


Claimside was founded by a group of industry professionals who wanted to find a way to help the policyholder by informing them of the options available to help with their claim. So many out there do not know what a public adjuster is or that they have options when they have a property damage insurance claim. The idea of helping people after a catastrophe was the main goal in creating Claimside.

Because of the restrictions placed on insurance adjusters, many claims are not being settled fairly. Clearly, most people do not know what their options are with respect to settling a claim.


The Claimside team consists of a group of industry professionals, with backgrounds in insurance coverage, adjusting, litigation, and IT. Our team members share a common bond, which is to show people that there is an entire industry which exists solely for the purpose of resolving claims. The daily focus at Claimside revolves around improving the platform to better the user’s experience, promoting our industry, and educating the public on all of their options.