Appraisers and Umpires

come into play when disputing pricing once the insurance company has submitted an estimate

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Entering into the appraisal process may be a good fit when it comes to resolving pricing issues on your claim. Many times the scope of work will change. However, by design, appraisal is intended for resolving pricing.


After the insurance company has committed to damages and provided you with an estimate, you can invoke appraisal.


For property claims, first you must submit in writing to your insurance company a request for appraisal and include the contact information for the appraiser you choose. With respect to automobiles, equipment, planes, and boats, it will be necessary that you reach out to an appraiser who specializes in that area.

Option for disputing pricing issues

Think of appraisal as an informal mediation that works well for pricing disputes.

Other things to consider:

Make certain that you engage in the appraisal process with the mindset that the results of the appraisal are final because it is often very difficult to dispute the appraisal award.

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