Did You Know?

More and more people are hiring professional help for their property insurance claim.

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By hiring your own claim professional, you eliminate the conflict of interest that exists when the adjuster for the insurance company tries to represent both sides when determining the extent of damage and the amount to pay.

Best Way To Handle

In a perfect world, having a public adjuster by your side immediately after you file a claim is probably best to ensure that you are on the right track to a reasonable settlement from start to finish.

How To Dispute My Claim

It's okay if your insurance company has issued a denial letter or low-balled the claim. Keep your head up, stay proactive, and reach out to a claim professional on your side.

Getting Started

Start by browsing profiles to find someone in your area and contact them concerning the details of your situation.

What are my options?

Public Adjusters can be hired at any stage of the claim, but it is recommended to consult with one immediately to review options and discuss a game plan.  A public adjuster is like a “clerk of the works” where they oversee the entire claim, negotiate the claim, and present facts to the insurance company.

An Attorney can be hired after a denial or low offer.  An attorney who specializes in property claims will usually evaluate your situation free of charge and will work under a contingency fee.  They are a good fit for a denied claim and many times have access to some of the best experts in the industry which will definitely help your case and increase your odds for a fair recovery.

An Appraiser may be a good option after an insurance estimate is received and may be hired to dispute the pricing of covered damages.  “Appraisal” is a process to dispute insurance pricing.  A good way to view appraisers is to view them as a mediator.

A Consultant may be used at any time and is helpful with reports that pertain to specific areas of the claim.  Consider consultants as professionals who, by design, provide the documentation for your claim.  Hiring a consultant is a good idea if you desire to receive a specialized report, but remain in the drivers seat representing yourself with respect to negotiating the claim.

To Summarize:

It's difficult to be an expert in all areas, especially when it comes to evaluating the true amount you are owed for your damages. Our members are on standby and are more than happy to assist with any questions or concerns surrounding your claim.

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