Public Adjusters

can be a tremendous help resolving your insurance claim.

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The benefit to hiring a Public Adjuster ("PA") is that, once hired, a PA levels the playing field. A PA advocates on your behalf handling daily activities which may include phone calls, site meetings, coordinating experts, submitting reports, writing estimates, disputing insurance findings and a host of other things.


You can hire a PA at any stage of the claim. However, it's best to hire a PA immediately after you file a claim so that they can stay ahead of the insurance company and set the tone. You may also hire a PA to come in and clean up once a claim gets ugly.


Hiring a PA can be simple as signing a contract giving them the authority to negotiate the claim on your behalf. Fees are usually a percentage of the settlement amount, which means that you won't have to pay them unless they recover a settlement.

What is the difference between a Public Adjuster and an Insurance Adjuster?

The most significant difference is where their loyalty lies which can be a major influence in the outcome of the claim.

An Insurance Adjuster

Writing Estimates

The estimate is typically written following guidelines set forth by the insurance company.

Gathering Supporting Documents

When gathering documents, expect minimal time spent venturing outside of their normal routine since technically this is your responsibility.


The loyalty of an insurance adjuster lies with their employer.  Chances are slim that they are going to stick their neck out for you on the rough calls.

A Public Adjuster

Writing Estimates

The estimate is usually custom tailored based on what they think should be included.

Gathering Supporting Documents

You should expect more time spent gathering and submitting documents to justify the claim as this is the public adjuster’s responsibility.


A public adjuster’s loyalty is with you, the client.  You can expect them to go the extra mile looking for ways to support your claim.

To Summarize:

If you choose to hire a PA, your odds of success just went up. The PA and the experts they bring with them ensure that you get the settlement that you deserve. So don't wait, get in the game early.

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