Did You Know?

Vehicles, equipment, yachts, and planes can all diminish in value after an accident, even after they are repaired.

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Why Hire Help?

Just like any other financial negotiation, you want someone on your side appraising the loss and/or negotiating the claim on your behalf.

Who Can I Hire

A public adjuster can have the damages appraised and negotiate the claim on your behalf.

An appraiser can evaluate the loss and submit their report to the insurance carrier.

An attorney can hire experts to comb through all aspects of the claim and negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

When To Hire?

You can hire an expert at any time. But, the sooner you consult with someone on your side the earlier you will get to the finish.

Getting Started

Start by reaching out to a claim professional and communicating your situation. This is a great way to receive guidance quickly and easily and decide if this might be a good fit for your claim.

To Summarize:

It's difficult to be an expert in all areas, especially when it comes to evaluating the true amount you are owed for your damages. Our members are on standby and are more than happy to assist with any questions or concerns surrounding your claim.

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