Claim Help – Moving From the Dark Into the Light

When I was first approached about joining the Claimside team, I wasn’t really sure about the concept or whether any of it was really necessary. Here we are half a year into it and it’s exciting to watch how we are growing and helping policyholders across the country.

It is great participating in something done right and something that is truly beneficial to the public. The big dog insurance companies have been running claims for years. The time has come for the other side to sink some teeth in and get the policyholder the resolution they deserve. After all, full resolution of their claim is what they are paying for. It’s really no different than buying a dozen eggs and getting home to find only 6 eggs in the carton. That’s what insurance companies have been doing for years and you’re lucky if there are 6 eggs in the carton and not just 3!

We are using our tool to enlighten people that there is this entire industry of claim professionals out there, now just at their fingertips, and leading the way to better claims resolution. The Claimside website isn’t just a tool for the insured, it’s also a great place for other claim professionals to find assistance if they are slammed with claims or have an issue present itself that is outside of their wheelhouse. These claim professionals are from all over the United States and are all doing the same thing — fighting for the policyholder.

Join with us as we continue to shed light on this industry. Insureds are entitled to a professional on their side, who has their back, and has their best interest at heart. A claim professional is worth every penny and virtually pays for himself with the increased value of your claim.

It’s another sunny day at work when you get to do something you love and help others at the same time.