Count Your Blessings – Don’t Let a Bad Claim Ruin It

We are blessed in so many ways but often take these things for granted. As the holiday season rapidly approaches, it’s a reminder to pause and take the time to be thankful for each and every day. It can be hard to keep this in mind when you’re dealing with an insurance claim. Lots of homeowners are in this position this holiday season, still dealing with the aftermath of the year’s severe weather and unsettled property damage claims. A bad claim at this point can make you feel like you’ve fallen into a melting pot.

While some folks are gathered around for some turkey and football, others are still trying to piece their properties back together and make things whole again. This might be the perfect time to get a public adjuster or other type of qualified claim professional to help with your situation. A public adjuster conducts a thorough inspection and prepares an estimate maximizing your coverage for the claim. This means having someone on your side who advocates on your behalf and negotiates with the insurance adjuster until full resolution is achieved.

A qualified claim professional has the training and experience to deal with the insurance company and provide you with advice as you navigate through the claim together. Whether it’s carving out the extras in a contents claim like what’s in the drawers and closets, or just helping with the traditional roof claim, a public adjuster goes the extra mile to make sure your family is taken care of and protected by the insurance coverage they pay a premium for.

Your world can be turned upside down and overwhelmed by the loss sustained to your home or business property. You may have more questions than answers and turning to a claim professional will help you get the answers you need to make a good decision. You need professional advice.

Properly documenting a loss is very time-consuming. It’s hard for you, the insured, to know whether or not you are getting all that is owed under your policy. A qualified claim professional who does this for a living can be your voice in the process instead of relying on the insurance company to decide how much it’s worth to rebuild your home and replace your belongings.

Hiring a public adjuster or other qualified claim professional on your side can help you receive the best possible settlement.