Discrepancies in Estimating

With storm season off to a fast start through the first four months of the year, insurance companies are building their rosters in preparation for the upcoming hurricane season. They are using anyone with a pulse to help with the high volume of claims right now. Because of this, the property owners are the ones left on the short end as inspections are being performed by adjusters who just don’t have the experience or expertise to properly estimate the claim. This leaves huge holes in the estimate, huge discrepancies in the claim value, and makes it even more important for the property owners to hire their own claim professional and have an expert on their side.

There are lots of numbers and terms to get through when trying to figure out how much your insurance company is going to pay for your storm damage. Lots of times, the age, whether it can be repaired, and/or possibly discontinued materials will lead to complete coverage of the damages. Hail damage is NOT just the roof. In the majority of claim estimates, discrepancies arise because there are covered components missing in the initial insurance estimate. While is it nice to get your insurance check and begin the repairs, don’t rush to the finish line!

Your insurance carrier has a trained professional representing them – do you? Even if the insurance adjuster is an independent third party, they were still contracted by and work for the insurance company. Insurance companies would further lead you to believe that you, the policyholder, must get your own estimates to help in the negotiation of the claim. You are not an expert. You should hire someone to represent your side in the claim negotiation process.

Claimside is here to point you in the right direction and connect you with claim professionals in your area who will work for you. Don’t be a victim twice, seek professional help with your claim.