FREE Consultation and Contingency Fee

Anytime you consider hiring someone to help with something, you know that most likely that assistance is going to cost you. Insurance claim help is no different. But, what most people don’t understand is that public adjusters and attorneys who handle property damage claims work on what is called a contingency fee and most also offer a free consultation. This gives you the insured an opportunity to get a feel for how they might handle your claim and whether or not you would like to hire them or keep shopping.

A contingency fee means that they don’t get paid unless and until you get paid. In other words, there is no fee up front and no hourly fee. These claim professionals perform the work for a percentage of what they collect for you, typically ranging from 10%-25% for public adjusters and 25%-40% for attorneys, depending on the size of the claim and what stage the claim is when they get involved.

Working with an attorney or other claim professional on a contingency fee allows access to justice for those without great means who would otherwise not be able to continue pursuing the claim.