Hurricane Matthew Changes the Landscape of the East Coastline

Hurricane Matthew has changed the landscape and left behind a swath of damage and erosion.  Although the damage is not as bad or originally expected from the strong Category 4 storm, experts still estimate as much as twenty-four percent (24%) of Florida’s east coastline was impacted with overwashed sand dunes and beach erosion.  These things are important to the beach and boardwalk and provide protection from tides and storm surge.

In Palm Beach County alone the damage sustained to the beaches could exceed the $29 million mark.  However, the damage extends up the coastline into Georgia and South Carolina as well.  A lot of times beaches and dunes can recover on their own.  But, after a major storm like Matthew, engineering and restoration will be necessary.

Hurricane Matthews Dune Damage in Florida

Hurricane Matthew Took a Big Bite Out of Southeastern States Beaches