Is Ski Season Still Open? (Late Season Heavy Snowfall Causes Damages in Colorado)

The aftermath of snow and ice presents a unique concern for property owners. The severe accumulation and weight of snow and ice often threatens roofs and other structural aspects of the property. Roofs weaken and collapse and these claims present a variety of challenges which are extremely time sensitive because of the danger of an unstable building and the possibility of additional damages.

Delay and denial have long time been considered one of the primary tools for profit maximized by insurers. The harder it is to get a claim paid, the less likely people will actually be jumping through hoops in order to collect for damages owed to them. Insurance companies know all the tricks – you need someone on your side who knows the tricks as well.

Claimside is taking our industry to the next level by showing all of the options available and directing you to claim professionals across the country who are available to help document and settle your claim.