Join the Movement (Exposure for the Claim Resolution Industry)

Claimside is building the infrastructure that will unify the claim professional industry by allowing ALL claim professionals to work with each other and bridge the gap that will allow policyholders to find the professional claim help they need on their side. Join the movement that is taking the claim resolution industry to the next level by eliminating the clutter and showing insureds their options.

This innovative idea of organizing the multiple components of the claim industry for the insured to plug into facilitates the basic systems to getting the claim accurately documented and presented to the insurance company. A thorough investigation and documentation of the damages without the restrictions that the insurance companies place on their own representatives allows for settling the claim for what is fair and just.

The Claimside team consists of a group of industry professionals, with backgrounds in insurance coverage, adjusting, litigation, and IT. Our team members share a common bond, which is to show people that there is an entire industry which exists solely for the purpose of resolving claims. The daily focus at Claimside revolves around improving the platform to better the user’s experience, promoting our industry, and educating the public on all of their options.

Join the movement now and be a part of the infrastructure that works as a road map to finding professional claim help.