Know Your Options

Having been a homeowner for close to 30 years, I have witnessed firsthand how insurance companies and their adjusters handle claims. Specifically, we were awoken one Sunday morning by the pounding of near baseball sized hail that went on for what seemed like forever. We had just recently changed our coverage to another insurance company and at the same time added replacement coverage for our barn, shop and other out-buildings.

Having some knowledge of how the system works, we called in the claim and waited for an adjuster to show up. The first adjuster arrived and never got out of the car, much less climbed onto any roof. After a call to our agent, another adjuster was sent out and this time we had our own adjuster there to meet them. Together, they examined the roof of our home and all of the other buildings on the property, as well as checking for other damage such as siding, gutters, windows, etc. After weeks of negotiation, and even threats from the supervising adjuster, we were ready to file a lawsuit if necessary to settle the claim for what was owed according to the terms of the policy.

before-after-chartIt makes you wonder how many homeowners and business owners across the country just accept the insurance company’s estimate and go on down the road. Lots of insureds don’t know that they have options or what those options are.

How can we educate the general public about professional help that is available? We need to work together and bring to the forefront what assistance is available and how to find someone near you. Had I not worked in the legal profession my entire career I would not have known that I had options. Now let’s get out there and tell others!