Old School – It Isn’t 1984 Anymore

It was May 1984, the night before the last day of my junior year in college. I was talking to my roommate, Joey.

“Did you finish the book report?” I asked.

“What book report?” Asked Joey.

“For creative writing. We have to present it in class tomorrow for our final grade.”

“Oh shit.”

It was around midnight in the Phi Delt house in the days before Google, the Internet or Wikipedia. So not only did Joey not have a book report, he couldn’t even find a book. I left him in the chapter room at about 1 a.m.

The next morning, Joey came whistling into the cafeteria to grab some breakfast, nary a care in the world.

“Did you finish your book report?” I asked.

Joey smiled. “No sweat Slick.”

An hour later I listened to Joey regale the class with a stellar report on the little known book “The Wanton Man.”

What? You’ve never read it?

That’s because it doesn’t exist. Joey made up a bullshit report on a fake book. It was genius and there was very little the teacher could do to verify whether Joey was even telling the truth.

Those were the days. Or were they?

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After all, this isn’t 1984!

— by Tim Hoch, attorney