Professional Help With Your Disputed Insurance Claim

How many people do you know who have purchased an extended warranty on an electronic and then when there is a problem they are willing to argue until blue in the face to get it replaced or fixed. Those warranties are just a smaller version of their homeowner or auto policy, but for some reason people are more comfortable taking on that argument. The same individual would never consider taking up the argument concerning a property damage claim. The truth of the matter is, whether it be your home, auto, or just a household electronic, an insurance policy is there to cover you after a loss.

Most folks just assume that the insurance company is sending out an expert to review the damage and they will be offered a fair settlement. There is a direct conflict of interest though when one person, who is employed by the insurance company, tries to represent both sides of the claim.

Sometimes, homeowners are unhappy with the outcome after filing a claim because the insurance company either denied the claim or underestimated the damage. If you do not agree with the estimate, you can dispute the claim to ensure you receive the amount you deserve. Although this can be frustrating and very time consuming, you have to understand every policy holder has a right to dispute an insurance company’s claim estimate.

The same goes for auto insurance claims. Car insurance companies are for-profit companies and pay claims based on terms like depreciation schedules, replacement values and book value, which don’t always correlate to the real world cost or your expectations of coverage. Resolving claim and coverage disputes requires knowing your rights and understanding the process for equitable settlement.

A fact of life is that honest people sometimes disagree, which is why there are mechanisms to resolve conflicts. Claimside is here to help you find the professional help you need for a successful resolution.