Why Would a Roofer Say Don’t Hire a Public Adjuster?

Often we have a potential client call after they have visited with their insurance agent or maybe even their contractor or roofer. They question us specifically on why to hire a public adjuster. Usually this means they have already been told by one of the foregoing not to hire a public adjuster. Let’s just say that, in our opinion, if someone is telling you not to hire a public adjuster, then most likely that person views them as a nuisance to their work or has maybe had a bad experience in the past with one. Either way, there is a motive for this suggestion and, like any other profession, there are good ones and bad ones.

What you need to know is that a public adjuster is required to be licensed by the department of insurance in each of the states they work. The job of the public adjuster is to conduct a thorough inspection of the damages and to put together an estimate that fully encompasses the scope and costs of all repair. They are also going to do their best to protect you from any unnecessary costs that might be suggested by the insurance adjuster. Having someone who works exclusively for you also means that you have a licensed professional to manage and negotiate the claim start to finish, relieving you of much time and stress in a process that you have little or no experience with.

A licensed public adjuster also knows there is much more to hail damage than just your roof — windows, gutters, vents, siding, etc. Specifically, a roofer is most likely going to be advising you about just the roof and absolutely is not licensed to negotiate your claim with the insurance company and in fact is barred by law from doing so. A public adjuster is trained in policy coverage and knows the tricks of the trade. They most likely have previous experience working for an insurance company and know the business from the inside out.

The insurance claim process is not a fun one for sure. Just another reason for you to reach out to a licensed public adjuster in your area or another qualified claim professional and get the answers you need to get the settlement you deserve.