Salty Read – Hire a Claim Professional

It’s always interesting to see what you come up with when just surfing the web. We came across this salty read which is really getting after the insurance industry. I don’t know that I would go so far as calling the insurance companies “corrupt” and “crooked,” but would agree they can make you pretty “furious” when it comes to a claim that isn’t handled properly. There is no sense getting all upset about it though. How your insurance claim is handled is your choice.

Make the decision to control your claim path and protect your assets by getting a public adjuster or other claim professional involved in the matter to represent you. These claim professionals work to make certain that everything that sustained damage in a storm or other event is at least submitted to the insurance company for consideration and payment (lots of things the average person wouldn’t even know to look for).

It shouldn’t be a “contest” when it comes to paying claims. A quick browse at Claimside will point you in the right direction. Hiring an experienced claim professional will lead to full resolution of your claim and peace of mind when it comes to handling your insurance coverage.

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