Seven Months Post Rowlett Tornado

Here we are some seven months after the devastating Christmas 2015 Rowlett tornado and homeowners are still struggling to put their life and homes back together. CBS DFW did a segment on one homeowner who isn’t exactly thinking State Farm is his “good neighbor”.

I’m sure he isn’t the only victim out there who feels like their insurance company has shortchanged them. It is during a catastrophic event, whether it be a tornado, fire, or flood, that the you rely on your insurance company to make everything right and make you feel whole again. It is unfortunate that this doesn’t happen for everyone without a fight. Insurance is big business and they want to keep as much of their money as possible and keep it in their pocket for as long as possible.

Without being armed with the knowledge of what to do and who to turn to, one is left with a feeling of hopelessness. It doesn’t have to be that way. Find a claim professional on YOUR side to help you.

CBS News – Rowlett Tornado Victim Displays His Anger With Insurance Company