The Use of Drones and Other Technology for Insurance Claim Handling

There has been lots of recent talk about the testing and progress surrounding the use of drones and other technology by the insurance industry to streamline the claim filing process for the policyholder.  Here are just a few questions and opinions concerning the use of these tools. Does the insurance company’s use of technology (drone… Read More »

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets (Disputing a Property Damage Insurance Claim)

On average, we spend thousands of dollars each year on insurance premiums – property and casualty insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance, health insurance, etc.  Usually, the lion’s portion of this is spent on coverage to insure our most valuable assets – our home and other properties.  Whether it’s a residence, vacation or rental home, or… Read More »

Use of Drones for Property Damage Insurance Claims Inspections

The adults are getting in on all the fun when it comes to personal drones. It was only a matter of time before the insurance industry found them useful too when assessing property damage insurance claims. From surveying the damages caused by storms, to inspecting roofs, to taking an inventory on insured crops, the drone… Read More »

Hiring a Qualified Property Damage Insurance Claim Attorney

“He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” -- Abraham Lincoln This phrase remains as applicable today as it was 200 years ago when said. Mostly attributable to Abraham Lincoln, the above quote may have had earlier origins. In the context of our famous President, who was also a lawyer, he means that… Read More »
public adjuster inspection

Why Hire a Public Adjuster or Other Claim Professional?

People frequently ask us questions like “why should I hire and pay my own adjuster when my insurance company already has an adjuster for me?” Well, the adjuster from the insurance company works for the insurance company, not you. Consequently, they have in mind what’s in the best interests of the insurance company. When you… Read More »

Who Does the Adjusting? (Frenemies Part 2)

Let’s continue our discussion from earlier this week and cover who the frenemies are.  You or your public adjuster will be dealing with an outside adjuster who reports to an inside adjuster.  Here we will walk you through the differences and who is here to help you: Outside Insurance Adjuster The outside adjuster’s job is… Read More »