The 3 Ds of Insurance – Delay, Deny, Defend

At the FAPIA conference earlier this month I was asked if I had read the book Delay, Deny, Defend by Jay M. Feinman. I had not, but immediately ordered it so it was waiting for me when I got home. I think I was actually laughing out loud as I began to read just the introduction and everything was oh so true. When you are dealing with your insurance company, you are not dealing with your “good neighbor.” A good neighbor picks up your newspaper or feeds the dog while you’re on vacation.

Processing claims without delay is one of the basic claim practices which is required by law. However, in the 90s, some of the larger companies chose to make a change and stray away from customer service based claims handling and become more aware of profits. The insurance industry is definitely a profit based business, so don’t get sucked into believing that you are on a level playing field.

While there are thousands of claims paid out every day and lots of insureds who feel like they have been made whole, there are still those who are not and offer up the occasional story of bad faith like those in Delay, Deny, Defend. They tell you that “you’re in good hands,” but you’re in their hands.

Make the move to hire a claim professional and truly have control of your claim. is here to help you figure out who your good neighbors really are.