The Frenemies of Adjusting

In the process of trying to make light of the relationship between adjusters in the insurance industry, the word frenemies pops into my mind. While some can be more friends than enemies, when the claim gets in the weeds the dastardly frenemies come out.

Comparable to Cinderella who had to deal with the two wicked stepsisters, public adjusters must deal with both an outside insurance adjuster who then reports to an inside insurance adjuster (who actually aren’t friends either). These “company adjusters” are usually overworked and some are good, some bad, and a lot just don’t have enough experience.

As Frenemies (an enemy disguised as a friend), these guys attempt to work together for a peaceful and fair resolution for the insured. But sometimes those attempts take a negative turn and the insured needs someone on their side. To steal a line from The Incredibles, the insured is left thinking man, I thought you (the insurance company) were supposed to help people. They do help people, they help “their” people.

The outside adjuster is responsible for the initial documentation of the claim for the insurance company. How they choose to paint the picture can be critical to the outcome of the claim. When the company adjusters stand by a messy canvas, then there are sure to be negative consequences to the insured. Sounds like someone should be in the dog house, but instead they leave this chaotic and uncontrollable mess to the insured to figure out.

A situation like this can cause lots of trouble for the insured if they don’t get a public adjuster or other claim professional involved at this point. It is only fair to level the playing field. Hire someone who also knows the ins and outs of the insurance business and how to reach a fair resolution of your claim and make sure you get what is owed.