The Weather and Its Side Effects

The holiday season is in full swing and everyone is making travel plans to visit family and friends. Some may even be planning a quick vacation during the holiday break. All this talk of holiday season is a quick reminder that winter is here. It’s that time of year to not only winterize your home, but also to be more mindful of traveling on the wet and slick roads.

According to WunderBlog, there are more weather related fatalities as a result of vehicle accidents than tornadoes, hurricanes, or flood. The WunderBlog link attached expresses in detail just what those numbers entail

“Drizzle in subfreezing temperatures may not seem like a big deal, but to unsuspecting motorists, it poses a major threat. Even a light glazing of ice on bridges and roads can cause treacherous driving conditions.”

So, while some are in the warmth and comfort of home, others are braving the howling winds, driving rain, and icy drafts to reach their destinations. So stay snug and avoid the exposed hands and faces. Be prepared and safe travels.