They Want To Do What?

While talking to attorneys, public adjusters, and policyholders about what Claimside does and how we work, we get to hear all the crazy claim stories. Call me strange or call me boring, but I find these stories fascinating. Story after story of an insured not getting a fair shake or down right being taken advantage of.

One of the more recent stories involved a fire claim as a result of a lightning strike. Almost the entire second story of the home was damaged or destroyed, including the rafters and framing. The insurance company wanted the owner to tarp the roof to avoid further damage to the interior of the home. Well I’m not a contractor, but you don’t have to be to figure out that just doesn’t quite sound right.

First of all, that would potentially lead to unsafe access to the roof and would require temporary framing to be constructed in order to properly support the tarping. Without the proper support, you are potentially exposing the property to further damage because, if it rains, the tarp turns into a pool which potentially collapses and empties into your home. Now then we have a problem Houston. In addition to just how crazy this sounds, the insurance company also wants you to pay for this tarping out of your insurance claim proceeds (which is a total waste of your money that you will desperately need for the reconstruction of your home).

Fire claim
Fire claim 2016.

In addition to the structure damage, the contents of your home have also been damaged by the fire. These types of events cause lots of damage – fire, smoke, water and secondary effects of water (mold). The insurance company wants to try to clean as much as they can, instead of replace, but we all know that you just can’t get that smoke smell out. Have you ever test driven a used vehicle that was previously owned by a smoker? The dealership runs it through the mill and cannot get rid of that smell.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are arguing with the insurance company over coverage and/or damages, it is wise to seek the help of a claim professional. Locating and retaining claim help can protect you and your assets.