Ugly Claim? Three Signs That It’s Time to Lawyer-Up

We’ve all heard stories of an ugly claim, but how do you know when it’s time to get help and lawyer-up? An area of assistance that is little used but very effective is the retention of an experienced property damage attorney.

Say you have hit a wall on your property claim and you need professional help, where do you turn now? Friends and family may all have a different opinion – anything from hire a contractor, talk to a public adjuster, OR hire an attorney. Those same friends are going to give you opinions based on their experiences, but their limited amount of experience probably won’t make you more comfortable about your choices.
Many people are reluctant to hire an attorney, but those who work inside the claim industry know that sometimes this is the best option towards settling the claim. If you don’t mind the wait and are looking for top dollar – hire an experienced property damage attorney.
Most property damage attorneys work under a contingency fee agreement which means that your attorney does not get paid unless and until you get paid for your claim. The insured is legally entitled to present their own evidence and proof of loss.
A good time to contact a property damage attorney is when:

1. Multiple inspections do not result in a positive outcome;
2. Delay and/or denial of coverage; or
3. Bad faith is shown.

Do NOT be a victim twice – seek professional legal help with your claim.
Severe weather causes billions of dollars of damage to homes, vehicles and other properties each year. Whether you use an attorney, public adjuster, appraiser or other claim consultant, it is important that you seek professional help.
Claimside is taking our industry to the next level by showing all of the options available and directing you to claim professionals across the nation who are available to help document and settle your claim.