What the Claimside Torch Stands For

The Claimside staff and our members subscribe to a culture that revolves around a commitment to helping the little guys take on the big guys. We use the torch to symbolize our goal which is unity in the claim resolution industry. We are all goodwill ambassadors illuminating the way for the policyholder to find truth and harmony with the insurance company.

This doesn’t involve any supernatural force, just experience combined with some common sense, knowledge, and the ability to serve the client. We try to promote a harmony between the insured and insurer, but at the same time make sure that liberty is served. The insured should never be made to feel like the underdog. They pay a premium for coverage and that coverage should be there for them when it is needed most. We think that is a fair expectation and certainly one that should be fulfilled by the insurance industry as a whole.

torch-orangeClaim professionals are trained and experienced in evaluating the damages sustained and then converting that information into an estimate that fully encompasses the scope of damages. While there to serve, it is important that the claim professional create a rapport with the policyholder and has a harmonious understanding which in turn enables great communication. This makes the process easier and usually more effective for both parties to reach a consensus which means that, while everyone may not agree, a great resolution can be achieved.

Serving as a guiding light, Claimside’s community is one that stands by your side through what can be some of the toughest times in your life to make sure that you are taken care of at the end of the day. When it comes to taking one for the team, let the insurance company be on that end of the claim.