Top 25 Florida Public Adjusters

The goal of a Florida Public Adjuster is to make sure that the Insurance Company complies with their obligations of the Insurance Policy and properly compensates the Policy Holder for their loss. Our licensed public adjusters are extremely knowledgeable and experienced with reference to property damage, code requirements, law changes, and insurance policies. The Miami Herald quoted an audit that was conducted recently by the Florida Legislature has found that it is clearly within the policy holder’s interest to hire a Public Adjuster to represent them during the claim process. Insurance companies only pay 30-60% of what’s owed on a typical claim. Policy holders using a Public Adjuster received 574% more than those not using a Public Adjuster and, furthermore, those numbers increased to 747% more on catastrophe claims such as those filed for Hurricane damage.

Hurricane & Wind Damage

Hurricane and Tropical Storm force winds are extremely destructive. Insurance companies are known to underpay Hurricane Claims. The right Public Adjuster will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Water Leak Damage

Water Damage is one of the most filed insurance claims. Water damage includes broken pipes, dishwasher leaks, shower pan leaks, A/C leaks and many more. These types of damages can cause future issues if they are not addressed by filing a claim with an insurance company.

Fire & Smoke Damage

The damage caused by a fire should be professionally evaluated by an experienced loss consultant to ensure that the homeowner is properly compensated. Also, a Public Adjuster is highly beneficial because numerous law and ordinance issues arise in these insurance claims.

Flood Water Damage

A majority of Floridians do not purchase Flood Damage insurance policies. However, for those who do purchase Flood Damage, the claims should be handled by a public adjuster. Flood claims are very unique and needs to be navigated carefully.

Top Public Adjusters in Florida

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When you purchase an Insurance Policy on your property, you are purchasing security for yourself. You hope that you will never have to use it, but if you do, you naturally assume that should a loss occur, the Insurance Company will take care of everything. Unfortunately though, as many have found out to their cost, this is not always the case. Insurance Companies, just like any other company, are not in business to make a loss for their investors and so, it is in their interests to keep the pay-outs on claims as low as possible. When they are notified of a claim, the Insurance Company will send a Loss Adjuster to examine the damage, prepare estimates and try to settle the claim, all the time never forgetting that it is the Insurance Company who pays their salaries! Have no fear because with a Public Adjuster  on your side, you now have a level playing field from which to negotiate the claim.

Florida Public Adjusters are typically former claims adjusters that have worked as an adjuster for one of the major insurance companies and has now decided to serve the public with their skills. A Public Adjuster can either work for a Public Adjusting Firm or freelance. Make no mistake about it, an insurance policy can be a very complicated document, since it contains a whole range of exclusions, obligations, restrictions and conditions, which are often extended by applicable endorsements attached to that original document. Each of these clauses presents its own particular and unique challenge when it comes to ascertaining your rights under the terms and conditions of any policy.

The adjuster will look after your interests and ensure you receive all that you are entitled to from your claim against your Insurance Company, no matter what type of disaster you have suffered, whether you are a private individual or commercial venture or whether your claim is large or small. All you need to remember is that we work strictly on a contingency basis, which means you pay us a small percentage only if and when you collect your settlement from your Insurance Company. The Florida Department of Financial Services licenses and recognizes Public Adjusters in Florida to help Floridians with their damage insurance claims.